Welcome back to Longford Primary Academy!

Aims and Vision

Hand in Hand we Learn

The new badge is intended to represent the school as a community of pupils, parents and staff working together in partnership to learn and achieve, and to build a school for the future that we will all be proud to be part of.

We are now part of The St. Bart's Multi-Academy Trust

Releasing Potentential Together

We seek to prepare each child to face life beyond the school with confidence.


The St. Bart’s Multi-Academy Trust believes that education is preparation for life and we seek to prepare each child to face life beyond the School with confidence.

  • We aspire to set high standards for personal behaviour and self-discipline, with courtesy, consideration and respect for other people of all ages, races and cultures.
  • We aim to deliver exciting and quality learning experience in a safe, secure and happy environment.
  • We endeavour to achieve high standards in every aspect of school life by making the most efficient use of all the resources available.

The St. Bart’s Multi-Academy Trust is committed to improving the life chances of all children, wherever they may be.  This moral obligation, our mission, does not end at the school gates, within our own Local Authorities, or even within our own country.

Where St. Bart’s Academies have the capacity to make a difference, they are morally bound to do so.


The Longford Code

We all try our best, have a love of learning and can work as a team.
We take pride in our appearance, and we look after our community.
We treat everyone with respect, look after the school and the environment.
We are polite and honset and use our manners everywhere we go.
We use kind actions and words, and we treat people the way we want to be treated.
We are trustworthy.
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