Thank you for a fabulous year. Enjoy your summer holiday!!! Children return to school on WEDNESDAY 4th SEPTEMBER.

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium 2018 - 2019

Our allocation for 2018/19 (£121, 440) will be used to support children based on the identified needs of this group of learners.  This strategy is available here.

Support for children in receipt of pupil premium is continually reviewed so further areas of support can be identified and positive gains made.

Although children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a free school meal, the school will only receive pupil premium funding if you have completed the application.

If you believe that your child is entitled to a free school meal please see Mrs Tipper in the school office or you can follow this link to download a form and apply online:

Pupil Premium 2017-18

The school received a total allocation of £129, 360 for those pupils in receipt of free school meals and pupils looked after by the local authority.  This funding has predominantly been used to target and support children and their families through intervention programmes, precision teaching and parental support where a need is identified.  These programmes are of an academic and nurturing nature.

Please click here to access the pupil premium strategy & review of outcomes for the academic year 2017/18.



The Longford Code

We are curious, take risks, adapt our skills and knowledge to succeed in our learning.
We show kindness and concern for each other. We take pride in ourselves and everything we do.
We ask questions and readily take on challenges.
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