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Meet the Staff


Mrs Hedar
Whole school strategic planning, safeguarding lead

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Lawrence (maternity)


Mrs Harris
Design & Technology
Mrs Ranfern
Support Staff
Mrs Venables
Support Staff


Mrs Bradford
Early Years Leader & Students
Mrs Jones​
Mrs Adams
Support Staff
Miss Waters
Support Staff
Mrs Sherratt
Support Staff

Year 1

Mrs Gittus
Miss Hall
Literacy - Reading
Mrs Giddins
Support Staff
Mrs Brooks (maternity)
Mrs Boswell
Class Teacher
Miss Whyte
Support Staff

Year 2

Mrs Bowker
Miss Dodkins
Mrs Randall
Support Staff
Mrs Adamson
Support Staff
Mrs Ellison
Support Staff

Year 3

Mrs Hinton
Support Staff
Mrs Cartwright
Religious Education
Mrs Bedworth
Pastoral lead & SMSC/PSHE
Mrs Painter
Support Staff

Year 4

Miss Chesters
Mrs Phillips
Support Staff
Mr Cooper
Miss Jukes
Support Staff

Year 5

Mrs Hulme
Support Staff
Mrs Handley
Mrs Small
Support Staff

Year 6

Miss Wright
Support Staff
Mrs Chapman
Mrs Ralphs
Miss Hitchman
Mrs Taylor
Support Staff

Additional Staff

Mrs Spruce
Cover Teacher & MFL
Mr Washington
Cover Teacher & Geography
​​Mrs Machin
Nurture group lead and home-school link worker
Mrs Hulme
PPA cover supervisor
Miss Clarke​
Nurture group & social needs TA​
Mrs Cobb
Precision Teaching & Positive Play
Mrs Tipper
Mrs Jones
Office Assistant
Mr McMahon
Premises Staff
Mrs Parrish
School Cook
Mr Blackhurst
Premises Staff
Mr Carter
Premises Staff
Mrs Cooper
Data Officer

The Longford Code

We all try our best, have a love of learning and can work as a team.
We take pride in our appearance, and we look after our community.
We treat everyone with respect, look after the school and the environment.
We are polite and honset and use our manners everywhere we go.
We use kind actions and words, and we treat people the way we want to be treated.
We are trustworthy.
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