Digital Technology at Longford

The Digital Vision at Longford Primary Academy

'Fostering creativity, resilience and innovation'

To create a curriculum and environment where all feel safe and supported to be creative, curious and resilient.  Developing critical thinkers with high aspirations and a passion for learning.

At Longford, we have identified digital technology as a means for everyone to engage and achieve through collaboration, innovation and the removal of barriers to learning, ensuring we are all enthusiastic learners.

Alongside raising attainment,  we also endeavour to develop respect and tolerance when using technology - thus supporting our children to be responsible citizens in our ever changing world.


Research shows that children who use iPads in school tend to develop better critical thinking skills, higher-order reasoning skills, increased creativity, improved writing abilities, stronger communication skills, enhanced collaboration skills, a greater focus on tasks at hand, and improved organisational skills. 

While core skills including reading, wriitng and maths remain a priority at Longford, we have also embraced the use of digital technology within the classroom.  All children in years 1 - 6 have access to their own iPad which they use on a daily basis to support and enhance their learning across the curriculum.

Digital technology is not a 'bolt on' but is embedded into our high quality teaching and learning provision.  Teachers at Longford skilfully create interactive and engaging lessons and experiences through the careful selection of the built-in features of iPads and content creation apps to maximise learning opportunities across the curriculum and to provide deeper and more meaningful learning experiences.  As well as giving children the opportunity to learn in new and creative ways, we also harness the accessibility tools to help children to overcome barriers that may otherwise hinder their progress.


The Longford Code

Driven by curiosity, we develop our understanding through collaboration, skilfully exploring and reflecting upon new concepts.
We readily take on challenges with resilience, as we become resourceful, creative life-long learners.
We are well-informed and make positive contributions to our communities.
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