The Den - Before & After School Club

Welcome to The Den, our before and after school care club for children who attend Longford Primary Academy.  The setting is based in the key stage one building from 7.30am until school starts and from school finish until 5.30pm.  Whilst in our care children can take part in a number of child-chosen child-initiated and adult-led activities which include outdoor play, story time/jigsaws, construction, art & craft, and much more.  Children will be cared for safely by a team of staff; with at least one staff member per eight children. 

Breakfast club:

The morning session starts from 7.30am where children are able to have a healthy, balanced breakfast before sitting down to engage with calm activites and play before they are taken to their classes in time for registration.

After school club:

During the afternoon session, KS2 children will meet in KS2 hall where they will be escorted over to KS1 building and taken into the hall, where drinks and healthy snacks will be offered throughout the session.  

The after school sessions start at 3.00pm (when school ends) and finishes at 5.30pm during normal school days. A varied programme is offered including arts, sport and recreational activities. There is a quiet area set aside where children can read, rest or do homework.

Children attending after school club are supervised by club staff at all times during club hours until they are collected by their parent/guardian (or an authorised adult). Children will not be permitted to go home unaccompanied unless we have written permission of the parent/guardian. This written permission needs to clearly state the time the child may leave (and on which dates) parents/guardians are reminded that they have full responsibility for their child from the time that they are signed out of the club by a member of staff.

Policies & Documents

The Den Policy


Weekly booking form

Data collection form - Pupil information


Authorised collection information

Sickness, Accidents, First Aid and Emergencies

If a child becomes ill during a session, every attempt will be made to contact one of the people listed on the registration form to arrange collection of the sick child. The child will be cared for until collection. In the case of a minor accident, basic first aid will be administered. Medication can only be administered with specific written instructions from a parent/guardian.

In the case of an accident requiring more than basic first aid, every attempt will be made to contact the parent/guardian to discuss the course of action to be taken. If a child needs emergency hospital treatment the staff will first call an ambulance, then attempt to contact the parent/guardian and will continue to do so until successful. A member of staff will accompany the child to hospital and remain with them until a parent/guardian arrives.

NB: The registration form contains an authorisation giving the club staff permission to act “in loco parentis” eg the parent/guardian cannot be contacted in time, the staff member will invoke that authority to take action to gain appropriate medical treatment for the child. If you do not wish to give such authorisation, please delete the relevant paragraph on the registration form.

Important Information

Wings Before and After School club cannot accept any child to attend a session unless a completed and signed registration form is submitted by the parent/guardian. Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring that contact details provided are kept up to date. 


All bookings for the following week must be confirmed on a booking form by 5:30pm on the previous Friday. This allows us to ensure that the correct ratio of staff to children has been arranged in accordance with the daily register. Any booking requests that come in after this time will be declined, unless they are considered to be an emergency.

How to contact The Den

Please do not contact the school office regarding The Den, direct contact with the club leader can be made via telephone or email to make enquiries or book sessions:

Telephone: 07852347765


The opening hours for telephone contact will mirror that of The Den itself:

The phone will be switched off outside of these hours.

Safety and Security of Children

The safety and security of children attending our club is a very important matter and everyone concerned has a part to play. The Den follows Longford Primary Academy Safeguarding policy and procedures.  In addition the information below sets out the responsibilities and expectations of everyone involved with the club: parents, guardians, children and staff.

1. Responsibilities of parents/guardians • Making sure that the contact details they have provided to the club are correct and that the manager is told about any changes. • Notifying the club if their child will be arriving late for the club for any reason, e.g. after school activities. • Notifying the club if their child is not attending a booked session for any reason. (Please note that refunds cannot be given for cancelled sessions). • Letting the club know during a session if they anticipate being later than planned collecting their child. (Please note that there will be additional charges for this). • Letting the manager know if they have any concerns about their child relating to the club. • Gaining access to the building to collect their child ONLY via the club designated area and not asking children or other parents/guardians to let them in. NB. Messages can be left with the school office or the club manager

2. Responsibilities of children Children are responsible for listening to club staff when they are told which parts of the school they may play in because this may be different on different days. For example they may not be able to play out on the field everyday. Children must not leave the area they are playing in without telling a member of the club staff. Children must not open the outside door of the club area to let in parents or anyone else, even if they are known to the children. Children will follow the club rules and school’s behaviour policy.

3. Responsibilities of Club staff Club staff are responsible for: • Checking with the school office whether any messages have been left about non-attendance. • Collecting all infant children from their classroom teacher at the end of school and taking them to the club room. • Ensuring children play in a safe way and do not take unnecessary risks while attending the club. • Recording any incidents or accidents that may occur accurately, and discussing these on the same day with the person who collects the child concerned. • Ensuring that at all times at least one member of the club staff is aware of the whereabouts of each child during the session. • Only handing over a child to a responsible person named by the parent/guardian on their contact sheet. • Recording the time the child leaves in the register. • Ensuring snacks and drinks are available during each session

The Longford Code

Driven by curiosity, we develop our understanding through collaboration, skilfully exploring and reflecting upon new concepts.
We readily take on challenges with resilience, as we become resourceful, creative life-long learners.
We are well-informed and make positive contributions to our communities.
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