Reports and open evening 6th July 2023

Term, Holiday & Diary Dates

Longford Primary Academy school holidays and term dates are in line with the dates set by Staffordshire County Council.  Please follow this link to these dates and the downloadable iCal calendar file:

Staffordshire School holiday & term dates

INSET days (in-service training days) are professional development days that schools are required to undertake in addition to the 190 teaching days children are required to be in school.  

At Longford these days are mainly used to deliver professional development that will support the school development plan and ensure the school meets statutory requirements.  The first day back in September is fixed with the remaining four days being set by the school, with one day being set in conjunction with St Bart's Multi-Academy Trust.

  2022/2023 2023/2024
INSET 1 5th September 2022 4th September 2023
INSET 2 3rd January 2023 6th November 2023
INSET 3 17th February 2023 22nd December 2023
INSET 4 24th July 2023 24th May 2024
INSET 5 25th July 2023 22nd July 2024


Other key diary dates and information can be found here.


The Longford Code

Driven by curiosity, we develop our understanding through collaboration, skilfully exploring and reflecting upon new concepts.
We readily take on challenges with resilience, as we become resourceful, creative life-long learners.
We are well-informed and make positive contributions to our communities.
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