The School Day (timings)

Doors open to pupils at 8.45am


Learning begins as soon as the children come into school.  Each morning, teachers provide morning activities which may include handwriting, skill practice or an opportunity to reflect on feedback from the previous day's learning.  It is vital therefore that children arrive at school on time so they are able to settle into the school day calmly and do not miss these valuable learning opportunities.

Reception Key Stage 1 (Y1-2) Key Stage 2 (Y3-6)
Registration & continuous provision 8:50 Registration 8:50 Registration 8:50
Phonics 9:05 KIRFS 8:55 Maths 9:00
Continuous provision & focus groups 9:25 English 9:00 Reading 10:00
Altogether session 10:25 Reading 10:00 Break 10:30
Continuous provision & focus groups 10:40 Break 10:30 Spelling 10:45
Rhyme time 11:45 Maths 10:45 English 11;10
Lunch 12:00 Phonics/Spelling 11:40 KIRFS 12:10
Registration & Ryhme time 1:00 Lunch 12:10 Lunch 12:20
Continuous provision & focus groups 1:15 Registration/Handwriting 1:00 Registration 1:05
Story time 3:00 Curriculum (flexible break) 1:10 Curriculum 1:10
Day end 3:20 Assembly 2:50 Assembly 2.50
    Story 3:10 Story 3:10
    Day end 3:20 Day end 3.20

Total time in a typical week: 32.5 hours

Wednesday assembly - whole school singing (Y1 -6)

Friday celebration assembly - end of day for parents to attend.

The Longford Code

Driven by curiosity, we develop our understanding through collaboration, skilfully exploring and reflecting upon new concepts.
We readily take on challenges with resilience, as we become resourceful, creative life-long learners.
We are well-informed and make positive contributions to our communities.
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