September 2022 Reception Admissions open November 1st - please follow admissions link through the website. EYFS open afternoon/evening 10th & 11th November - please contact the school office for further information 01543 227410

The School Day (timings)

Doors open to pupils at 8.45am


Learning begins as soon as the children come into school.  Each morning, teachers provide morning activities which may include handwriting, skill practice or an opportunity to reflect on feedback from the previous day's learning.  It is vital therefore that children arrive at school on time so they are able to settle into the school day calmly and do not miss these valuable learning opportunities.

Reception Key Stage 1 (Y1-2) Key Stage 2 (Y3-6)
Registration 8:50 Registration 8:50 Registration 8:50
Altogether session (then brain break) 9:00 Maths 8:55 Maths 9:00
Session 1 - adult led input 9:25 Phonics/Spelling 9:55 Phonics/Spelling 10:00
Continuous provision & focus groups 9:40 Assembly 10:15 Assembly 10:20
Phonics & review 11:15 Break 10:35 Break 10:40
Squiggle 11:45 Reading 10:50 Reading 10:55
Lunch 12:00 English 11:15 English 11:20
Registration & Session 2 - adult led input 1:00 Lunch 12:10 Lunch 12:20
Continuous provision & focus groups 1:15 Registration & Arithmetic 1:00 Registration & Arithmetic 1:05
Building sentences/time to draw 2:30 Story time 1:15 Story time 1:20
Story time 2:45 Curriculum (flexible break) 1:25 Curriculum 1:30
Finish 3:00 Finish 3:00 Finish 3:10


Wednesday assembly - whole school singing (Y1 -6)

Friday celebration assembly - end of day for parents to attend.

The Longford Code

We are curious, take risks, adapt our skills and knowledge to succeed in our learning.
We show kindness and concern for each other. We take pride in ourselves and everything we do.
We ask questions and readily take on challenges.
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