Golden afternoon: 12th April. School opens after Easter holiday on TUESDAY 30th April (School CLOSED for INSET 29th April and Polling Day 2nd May)

Sports Premium

All children at Longford are encouraged to take part in physical activity.  A range of games, dance, gymnastic and outdoor and adventurous activities are covered through the curriculum. EYFS have access to their own dedicated play area which is used throughout the day.  As children progress into key stage one PE becomes more structured with skills developed on a daily basis through leap into life.  Once in key stage two our children begin to apply their skills in a range of invasion, net and field games.  In year six, pupils enjoy an action packed week at Shugborough.

Pupils at Longford have the opportunity to develop and broaden their experienced by joining the wide range of sports clubs offered after school (see clubs link).  Our children enjoy the opportunity and challenge that competition presents, whether through house competitions or against other schools.  This has enabled us to forge strong links with other primary schools and high schools.  We celebrate our efforts and success during celebration assemblies.

In addition to these opportunities children are encouraged to participate in physical activity before and throughout the whole school day in wake-up, shake-up and at playtimes where older children run games and activities with equipment for their peers.

Sports Premium Funding

At Longford, on the back of the Olympic legacy, we have a clear vision of the opportunities and experiences we aspire to provide for all pupils:

Healthy, Happy, Active

Every child to achieve their full physical and emotional potential, through enjoyable and challenging experiences. To be confident in making the right choices, enabling them to sustain a healthy active lifestyle.

Sports Premium Funding (SPF) has provided us with the support and guidance required to put our plans and vision in place.

Sports Premium action plan 2017-18

Sports Council 

At Longford, we value and respect pupil voice as a vehicle to move our school forward. The Sports Council is at the forefront in shaping and developing sporting opportunities and events at Longford, on the back of the Olympic legacy.

The Sports Council meets half termly, as well as being proactive during house assemblies. Ideas and views are discussed and communicated back to the whole school. As well as the existing house captains, one pupil from each year group has been elected to sit on the council. Each of the representatives has been recognised to have an excellence and or passion for sport both at school and in the wider community.

The Longford Code

We all try our best, have a love of learning and can work as a team.
We take pride in our appearance, and we look after our community.
We treat everyone with respect, look after the school and the environment.
We are polite and honset and use our manners everywhere we go.
We use kind actions and words, and we treat people the way we want to be treated.
We are trustworthy.
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